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Client Testimonials

Ask us to connect you with like-minded professionals and families that have chosen us as their building team. 

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“We wanted to change the powder bath to a closet, add a bath to the laundry room, and enlarge our kitchen.  No problem, according to Phil.  He was very accommodating in every way.”

Bob & Christie Meek

“We went to quite a few builders before selecting Phil.  We liked the fact that he is down to earth, honest and easily approachable.  He was very easy to work with, no matter how many changes we made and he could always find a solution to our problems.”

Dr. Rajiv Parti & Family 

“We knew Phil Gaskill to be a man of integrity and always admired his style and design.  He really delivered that grand “wow factor” with a very responsive and expedited process.”

John & Georgette Border

“It turned out so pretty.  It all flows together – inside and out.  The neighborhood, the home and the view all exceed my expectations.  Gaskill’s staff was really helpful.  They make an effort to find out what it is you really want, even when  you have a hard time describing it.”

Dr. Brenda Barnes

“He built a concrete fireplace that is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  It looks like it belongs in a castle.  The kitchen is also beautiful and everything in it is standard.  We upgraded very little because everything Phil does is quality.  There were no snafus and Phil was always on top of everything.  If we had a question, it was always answered in a timely manner.”

Cheryl Thomas 

“Phil Gaskill was always looking out for us and walked us through every step with no surprises.  He and his team got to know us, and as a result, put our personality into our new home.”

Susie & Gary Meurer

“His architectural plans were definitely conducive to our lifestyle.  We were able to take one of his plans and make minor modifications.  It was as if he had our family in mind.  Where things are located makes tremendous sense – he balances function with style.”

Dale &  Lisa Pitstick

“Gaskill was very approachable and reasonable.  He was always up front about what was going on and very clear on all the figures.  You didn’t feel like someone was taking advantage of you.”

Dr. Ajay & Komal Desai

“We had a hard target date and Phil stuck to it.  If I had to use one word to describe Phil, it would be integrity.  No builder can give you perfection – you can’t afford perfection – but as a value engineer, Phil won’t cut corners or do things that you, and he, will regret.  He’s a stickler for quality and that means a lot. “

Joellen & Jim Mosher

“His model was representative of the quality we wanted in our home.  Phil was flexible in accommodating our design changes, and made the entire process quite relaxing and stress-free.”

Clifton & Lena Johnson

“Phil Gaskill was with us every step of the way and we never worried that something wouldn’t be taken care of.  If we had to do it again, we would choose Phil.”

Deshrath & Rehka Patel

“We had heard a lot about how trying it can be to build a home, but we never experienced any of that.  Everyone was extremely helpful and answered our questions immediately.  We had a very good experience.  It was ten times easier than we thought it would be”

Linda &  John Krieck

“When we first came to Bakersfield, we looked at a lot of model homes and we liked Phil Gaskill’s model and layout the best. We initially looked on the west side of town, but a friend suggested that we look at Tuscany. We really liked the rural feel and the view of the hills.”

The Clarks decided to purchase a view lot at Tuscany and started working on plans for their new home. The Clarks were new to Bakersfield and anxious to settle in to their new community. They were concerned about the time it would take to build a home so they looked at a nearby home that Gaskill had recently completed.

“My wife walked in and fell in love with it, and that was it,” says Clark. “She loves to cook and the home has a huge, expansive kitchen. We had a large kitchen before, but it wasn’t laid out as well. This kitchen is very functional and she loves cooking in it. We like everything about the house. We’re impressed with the attention to detail in this home, from the floorboards to the recessed ceilings. It’s a Mediterranean design with outdoor courtyards, and the backyard is set up like and Italian villa. It really fits our lifestyle.”

David Clark

“I have always like this area. The views here are fantastic and there’s a lot of green area that you can’t build on, so no one can block our views of the mountains. This is not a huge development and we know our neighbors. We’re away from the hustle and bustle of town and it’s very peaceful and quiet at night. There’s very little traffic, even on Highway 178 going into town. This home has a lot of unique features, like the niches, the display case in the formal dining room, brushed nickel door knobs, and high-quality windows. I really enjoy the TV room and the hobby room, but I think I am most impressed with the 8 ½-inch walls and the crack-proof plastering on the exterior walls. I would recommend Phil Gaskill to anybody. He builds a real quality home and uses quality subs. He and his staff really want you to have a good experience.”

John Braun

“Phil is up-front about everything. He always told us what would happen next and kept us up-to-speed on everything. If you have a concern, he is only a phone call away.”

Location was a big selling point for the Hensons. They wanted a gated community away from town. They chose Sienna for its peaceful, rural qualities. “We’re up high on a hill and our view overlooks the valley with an orchard and roaming cattle. I love it out here.”

The pastoral view is just one benefit to living at Sienna. “It’s cooler here and there is usually a little breeze. There’s very little traffic so we feel comfortable riding our bikes. Our grandkids love to visit and they bring their bikes and ride. We’re a lot more active here.

Cindy Henson

Don Schu’s daughter had built a home in the east Bakersfield hillside community of Sienna and wanted her father to move to the development. They had previously lived next door to one another in southwest Bakersfield. Schu was easily convinced to make the move. “I liked the location and Phil Gaskill has a good reputation. The construction process was fairly new to me. My prior home had already been built when I bought it. But whenever I had any questions, Phil was really good about answering them. All in all, the construction process was really smooth.”

“I appreciate all of it – the kitchen is easy to work in. I like the master bath  and I enjoy the little office with its view out on the park. This is a gated community so we have security and it’s very peaceful and quiet. But the best part is the 360-degree view. You can look at the mouth of the canyon, the river and foothills, or up towards Breckenridge and see the snow covered mountains. I love it up here, it was a good move.”

Don Schu

The Thompsons said they had been looking at homes for five years before making the commitment to build.

“We had long been impressed with the quality of Phil Gaskill’s products, but the ultimate decision was the location.  We had been looking up here and had fallen in love with the area,” said Donna. The Thompsons live in the east Bakersfield hillside community of Tuscany and chose their home site for its spectacular views .

“One of things that drew us to the area was the lot dimensions. There are huge spaces between the homes. There were specific things we wanted and were very particular about. We liked his designs – they were spacious and well put together with a lot of attention to detail. What’s really remarkable is that a lot of our neighbors have almost identical floor plans, but everyone has customized their home to make it unique. When you go to someone’s house it’s not apparent that it’s the same floor plan as yours, ” said Terry.

“Phil has a great staff. They know how to tie everything together – for the interior and exterior. They really helped make sure everything worked together. Our home turned out even better than we expected. It all came together beautifully,” said Donna. “When we first moved in, we couldn’t decide whether we liked the inside or the outside more. We finally decided it’s a tie. When we had our final home inspection, we thought we were looking at everything very carefully,” said Donna, “but Phil was checking things and finding things that we didn’t even think to look at. He made sure everything was up to his standards.”

“Phil is an honest and straight-forward individual,” said Terry. “I knew he was a Stanford-trained engineer and I felt very confident in his technical expertise. He also has a lot of expertise from a business point of view. Building a home can be rather daunting, but he really helped us through the process.”

Donna and Terry Thompson

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